MacEwan University Sessional Steering Collaborative

Our Mission

United for the common interests of Sessional Faculty, we have organized a group that advocates for transparency and promotes fair standards that dignify our teaching, celebrate our professional practices, and honour our scholarship and artistic endeavours.

Our History

To learn more about the history of MUSSC, take a look through the archive of our bulletin, The Elephant in the Institution, our Facebook page and Twitter feed, and Athabasca University professor Bob Barnetson‘s account of “Dual Labour Markets, Exploitation, and Mobilization at MacEwan.”

Who We Are

Having already worked together to achieve important changes to faculty representation, we continue to work for the common interests of all faculty members by advancing academic standards appropriate for those engaged in research, publication, knowledge dissemination, professional practice, and artistic endeavour at MacEwan University. We seek to organize a community of faculty members, and we reach out to all who share our interests and our passion. We are committed to upholding the integrity of postsecondary education and to advancing the vital role of our university in the economic, cultural, and social life of our community and beyond. We advocate for economic and social justice for all faculty members and for society as a whole.

Daniela GattoDaniela Gatto

I have been teaching German in the Department of Humanities at MacEwan University since the fall of 2006, and I like it. Since joining MUSSC in July of 2017, I have prepared several MUSSC meeting agendas, and I am currently working on creating a more detailed email list for MUSSC, to ensure that all sessional MacEwan colleagues will be able to stay informed and make their voices heard. In early 2018, I started establishing personal contacts with sessional faculty in different departments across campus. I had already met sessional colleagues from different departments within the Faculty of Arts & Science, the School of Business, and the Faculty of Fine Arts & Communication, but I had never met any of my colleagues from other faculties, for example, the Faculty of Health & Community Studies or the Faculty of Nursing. It has been very rewarding, as well as eye-opening, to meet some of my colleagues from Psychiatric Nursing, Correctional Services, Massage Therapy and Social Work. Furthermore, I had the chance to meet Nurse Educators who share several of sessional faculties’ concerns. There are many more colleagues to meet and talk to. What a delightfully diverse group we are. In the fall of 2018, I will continue approaching as many as possible (including the School of Continuing Education) to hear my colleagues’ stories and concerns and pass the information on to MUSSC. I started attending MUSSC meetings because the situation for precarious workers in Academia must change.

Marco Katz-MontielMarco Katz-Montiel

Having engaged in several community efforts during my life, I see myself as a gadfly. Defined as pest that annoys livestock, the gadfly also applies to people who upset prevailing systems. Any system that demeans educators needs some upsetting, and I'm glad to listen to faculty concerns, write reports, lobby elected officials, negotiate with administrators, and do whatever else I can to help my colleagues who understand the need for change.

Dan KnaussDan Knauss

I am helping MUSSC find and speak to its constituent audiences to learn, retell, and preserve the stories of sessional faculty as they've contributed to the life and history of the university.

Gloria OlchowyGloria Olchowy

Because I was so deeply concerned about the multiple forms of disenfranchisement experienced by MacEwan University Sessional Faculty (MUSF) in the spring of 2017, I joined MUSSC. Since joining, I’ve contributed to the goals of this group through meetings and correspondence with MUSF, with MacEwan University Continuing Faculty (MUCF), the Grant MacEwan University Faculty Association (GMUFA) Executive, government officials, labour lawyers, and members of the Alberta Colleges and Institutes Faculties Association (ACIFA). I also composed and submitted a request for a hearing with the Alberta Labour Relations Board (ALRB), and constructed and disseminated fact sheets and charts. I continue to ask questions and conduct research to secure information relevant to the work of MUSSC, as well as write the initial draft of “The Elephant in the Institution” bulletins and do the final edits on them after receiving feedback from other MUSSC members. I additionally encourage MacEwan University Faculty (MUF) to become informed and to vote on important GMUFA issues and for GMUFA Board candidates committed to the principles of equity, inclusiveness, and diversity at—and beyond—MacEwan University.

Shannon RobertsonShannon Robertson

I’m spending time listening to colleagues, face-to-face and through email, as they describe their history with the institution, their vision for its future, and their concerns for sessional faculty members. I’m writing emails designed to introduce and contextualize information contained in the bulletins MUSSC sends out. When faculty respond, I receive their comments and questions. I provide information when I have it, and try to get it when I don’t. I have taught in the Department of English for the last 12 years, so people’s individual narratives are important to me. They are a vital part of the wealth of our institution, of our history and our legacy. Dealing respectfully with each other’s narratives and telling each other the truth as best we know it are ways institutions show their health and integrity, and that’s what I want to be a part of.

MUSSC meets on and off-campus periodically during the Fall and Winter semesters. See the calendar or contact us for meeting and agenda details.