Gratitude and Looking Ahead to the Next Negotiations

The Elephant in the Institution

A Bulletin from MUSSC to MUSF • May 14, 2018

The MacEwan University Sessional Steering Collaborative (MUSSC) is an informal group, independent of the Grant MacEwan University Faculty Association (GMUFA). Formed just over a year ago in April 2017 to give a voice to MacEwan University Sessional Faculty (MUSF), MUSSC can be reached online at or by email at

Gratitude for the “Red-Circling” Development

MUSSC would like to register its gratitude that the MacEwan University Sessional Faculty (MUSF) who were “red-circled” will not be subject to pay cuts in the second year of the 2017-2019 Collective Agreement. MUSSC has heard from reliable sources that the efforts on the part of MUSSC played an important role in this reversal.

Negotiation Proposals from Constituent Groups for FANC

Because the reversal of the pay cuts in the 2017-2019 Collective Agreement is only for the second year of the Collective Agreement, it does not include retroactive pay for the Sessional Lab Faculty subjected to significant cuts in the first year. Thus, MUSSC’s position is that compensation for the faculty who lost this income must be a top priority in the list of negotiation proposals for the next Faculty Association Negotiating Committee (FANC), which will be formed very soon.

Please note that negotiation proposals are on the agenda for the Grant MacEwan University Faculty Association (GMUFA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) tomorrow (Tuesday, May 15). Thus, MUSF who will be attending the AGM should come prepared with proposals important to their constituent group. There is significant diversity among constituent faculty groups at MacEwan University, so it is crucial that each group makes its priorities clear for those who will be negotiating on behalf of all constituent groups for the next Collective Agreement.

Data on Sessional Faculty

MUSSC thinks that more data on MUSF would be useful for the GMUFA and for those negotiating on behalf of MUSF in the next FANC. Thus, MUSSC is the process of composing questions for a survey which it will encourage the GMUFA Board to conduct. Here are a few sample questions:

  1. How many years have you taught at MacEwan University?
  2. On average, how many courses do you teach per year?
  3. On average, how many students are in your classes?

If anyone has any questions he/she would like to be on this survey, please send them along to MUSSC so it may consider them for inclusion on the survey on MUSF which MUSSC provides to the GMUFA Board. Thank you.

See You at the AGM!

It’s been a busy year for MUSSC. MUSSC appreciates that its activism on behalf of MUSF has yielded results, in no small part due to MUSF keeping informed, attending meetings, and voting when called to do so. MUSSC very much looks forward to meeting and talking with many MUSF at the AGM, and to the ongoing involvement of MUSF in the important work of MUSSC in the upcoming year!

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