Important Faculty Association survey

Dear Colleagues, Please fill out the GMUFA survey. Quickly, you can make sure that the Faculty Association recognizes our concerns. You do not have to answer all of the questions; just make sure we let the Association know what concerns sessionals. That’s it! Please do this right away before we miss the deadline. Thank you! In solidarity, Marco If you want to know more – In addition to answering questions specifically directed sessionals, interested members can use the comments section (#18) to prioritize job security, pay, benefits, recognition of service and scholarly activities, and other concerns. As for the other sections, the survey reminds members “that all questions may not apply to your appointment type, but you are welcome to answer the questions. If not, feel free to leave the question blank and continue with the survey.” With information from those of us who teach at MacEwan University, the Faculty Association will decide on its priorities and negotiating positions. They will then convey these bargaining points to the Faculty Association Negotiating Committee (FANC), the group bound to pursue that agenda.