Important Survey for FANC, new data on sessional teaching

This year is another important year for MacEwan University Faculty (MUF) since a new Faculty Association Negotiation Committee (FANC) is being formed for negotiating the terms of the next Collective Agreement. It is crucial to ensure advocacy for MUSF on FANC. Such advocacy is well served by the collection of relevant data.

Be sure to complete the GMUFA Member Survey which came out last week. The survey will close on October 24.

This survey is an important instrument for collecting data on GMUFA members—data which will be very useful to the negotiation process. MUSSC is recommending that MUSF prioritize job security for all MUSF on the GMUFA Member Survey and at all upcoming member meetings and negotiations.

In addition, because the GMUFA members are very diverse in terms of requisite credentials, areas of specialization, professional responsibilities, etc., this diversity should be addressed in good faith in negotiations as well as acknowledged in the next Collective Agreement.

Further, any cuts in pay must be shared by all faculty, not unjustly applied to only some constituent groups as was the case in the last round of negotiations.

Crucial to ensuring justice in the negotiation process and the terms of the next Collective Agreement, GMUFA members must pay close attention to all messages from the GMUFA and from FANC, and to attend as many GMUFA and FANC meetings as possible. We GMUFA members need to stay informed and engaged, so when the new Collective Agreement is put forward for a vote, we know what is at stake and can vote accordingly. MUSSC cannot emphasize enough that MacEwan University Sessional Faculty (MUSF) do have power—even in anonymity. The statistics provided by the GMUFA indicates that MUSF most often teach 60% or more of the classes at MacEwan University. In other words, MUSF constitute a significant part of the labour force at MacEwan University and thus only have to keep informed and vote to exercise enormous clout.

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