News for Sessionals Arts and Science

Dear Colleagues, Bronwyn Snefjella, Secretary to the Arts and Science Faculty Council, has announced openings for sessional instructors who wish to serve on the Arts and Science Faculty Council. For those who have not seen this notice, I have attached it to this message. The memo reminds us that these positions are voluntary, and I understand the arguments of those who do not believe that we should serve without compensation. Even so, I believe that this provides us with an opportunity to exercise greater influence in our university community. Moving ahead, we need to deal with issues of compensation for this and other service, but in the meantime, we should continue on our way forward. With this in mind, I hope that many of our sessional colleagues in the Faculty of Arts and Science read Bronwyn Snefjella’s memo and apply for the 18 positions that will be available for the upcoming academic year. I welcome your thoughts on this and all other issues of concern to those of us who teach at MacEwan University. Hoping your summer is going well – Marco