“Red-Circling” for Sessional Faculty Subject to Pay Cuts

The MacEwan University Sessional Steering Collaborative (MUSSC) has heard from a range of reliable sources that, thanks to pressure from the provincial government, the “red-circling” of those MacEwan University Sessional Faculty (MUSF) subject to pay cuts this coming July 1 may indeed be going ahead.

If this “red circling” does proceed, it would mean that for the final year of the 2017-2019 Collective Agreement, no MUSF would be subject to the pay cuts negotiated in that Collective Agreement. Also important to note is that no MUSF who received raises in that Collective Agreement would have those raises rolled back. Again, the “red-circling” concerns only the MUSF subject to wage cuts.  It bears repeating that some Sessional Colleagues stand to lose as much as 22% of their annual salary under the current CA. Faculty in this group are all long-term MUSF, a significant number of whom have worked at MacEwan for decades—in some cases, even over thirty years – and they had every right to expect a better outcome from their negotiating committee.

We know that these pay cuts are so severe that some MUSF have considered terminating their employment relationship with MacEwan University.  For some faculty, these reductions in pay simply cannot be absorbed.  However, because we are hopeful that the “red-circling” may ultimately proceed, MUSSC urges all MUSF subject to pay cuts to delay, if at all possible, their decision cut ties with MacEwan University.  The cuts for the second year of the 2017-2019 Collective Agreement may not transpire after all. If you can, please wait before you sever your employment relationship with the University.  We are doing everything we can to ensure that the harshest of the pay cuts are not fully implemented, and so we encourage you to try to wait this out a bit longer, at the very least, until July 1 of this year, if at all possible.  Thank you.

Under any circumstances, a new Faculty Association Negotiating Committee (FANC) will soon be formed to begin work on the next Collective Agreement. Because of the detrimental aspects of what transpired for MUSF during the last round of negotiations—so detrimental that even the ire and intervention of the provincial government was provoked—MUSF need to be especially attentive to the work of the next FANC. We invite MUSF to receive updates from MUSSC via its new website at mussc.ca.