Sessionals Have Always Been the Majority at MacEwan

The new CUPE/CCPA report, Contract U: Contract faculty appointments at Canadian universities, states that 67.40% of MacEwan faculty are precarious, i.e. have contract jobs. The data for this figure was obtained by CUPE using a FOIP request, which we share below by faculty and role over a decade.

In the CUPE/CCPA report, the researchers used both full and part-time non-tenure track, non-permanent appointments in their definition of “contract faculty.” Both full and part-time sessionals, then, were used in calculating the number of “contract faculty” shown below.

The number of sessional faculty as a proportion of total appointments at MacEwan is very high. They have always been higher than 60%. These proportions put us among the major university users of precarious contract faculty in Canada. While there have been some fluctuations, there has been no significant change in the proportion of sessional faculty over the ten years shown in the chart.

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