Time to put ourselves forward for GMUFA board

February 22, 2017 Dear Colleagues, If we do not put ourselves forward now, we should not complain when our interests go unheeded later. Sessionals not only have a right to serve on the Faculty Association board, we have an obligation to do so. Like most of my continuing colleagues, I teach during the fall and winter terms. And like them, as well, I perform service that extends into the time between semesters. I attend meetings of the MUSe board, for example, whenever they are held. MacEwan University maintains my email account and library access between semesters. They have also provided funding for research, conference dissemination, and student research assistants in between semesters. The university recognizes me as one of their teachers year round. The Faculty Association must do so as well. On our side, we need to participate fully in our association. Please put your name forward for a position on the board and let me know that you have done this so that others can support your candidacy. Looking forward to hearing from you, Marco