Very good news for sessionals!

Summertime Updates

Greetings to all my MacEwan University Sessional Colleagues —

It is my sincere hope that the Edmonton summer is unfolding for you just as it should, whether it finds you teaching, preparing, pursuing professional development opportunities, or enjoying a well-deserved break with friends and family.  However, the commencement of the Fall term is not so very many weeks away, and there are developments to share even in this slightly quieter season.

Bulletin #10, which you will find attached, offers important information on the recent changes to the Post Secondary Learning Act that affect Sessional Faculty directly.  Also, the next Faculty Association Negotiating Committee will likely be formed this Fall, and it will be useful to have as accurate a portrait of MUSF as possible.  We are glad to report that work on this information gathering endeavour is begun.  If you have questions about how this portrait of Sessional Faculty is being assembled, or if you have suggestions to offer to the Faculty Association for their consideration, don’t hesitate to contact your FA Board Sessional Representatives.  Or if you prefer, you can always contact the members of the MacEwan University Sessional Steering Collaborative (MUSSC).  We are only too happy to forward your questions or concerns.   MUSSC can be reached online at or by email at  And of course, you can always just hit “reply” to this note!  I’ll make sure that your queries get where they need to go.

The very best to you all for the rest of this summer season, and I look forward to refreshing old acquaintances and forming new ones when September brings us together again.

Shannon Robertson, on behalf of the members of MUSSC

MUSSC (MacEwan University Sessional Steering Collaborative)

The Elephant in the Institution
A Bulletin from MUSSC to MUSF
July 3, 2018

Very Good News for Sessional Faculty

The MacEwan University Sessional Steering Collaborative (MUSSC) would like to share the very good news for Sessional Faculty contained in the recent amendments to the Post-Secondary Learning Act (PSLA). Please click on the link below to review the amendments:

These changes solidify the year-round membership for MacEwan University Sessional Faculty (MUSF) in the Grant MacEwan University Faculty Association (GMUFA) instituted via the Extraordinary Resolution #2 put forth by MUSSC in September 2017 and passed by two-thirds of quorum at a Special GMUFA Meeting in October 2017 (for additional information on this issue, please see the first Bulletin from MUSSC posted on

And, just as a reminder, the Association of Academic Staff at the University of Alberta (AASUA), this last spring, followed the GMUFA’s lead in relation to the membership status of their Sessional Faculty. On March 21, they passed (by a huge majority) the following amendment:

Change: Members whose contracts of employment with the University of Alberta conclude may remain members for up to one year or until they are re-employed by the University of Alberta, whichever comes first, as long as they pay fees or dues set by Council (Article 4.3). Implications: Sessional Faculty in-between contracts at the University of Alberta will be able to: vote on any matter, including ratifying new collective agreements and elections of officers, and be nominated for and elected to any elected position in the Association subject to eligibility requirements; serve on Association committees; and receive all the rights and benefits of membership for up to one year after their contracts end with the University of Alberta.

Important to point out in relation to the membership issue is that the GMUFA’s constating documents (the GMUFA Constitution and GMUFA Bylaws) are in the process of being revised to accommodate the new status of GMUFA as a union. The constating documents will also be consolidated into a single document called the GMUFA Bylaws. When the revised, consolidated document is completed (likely this fall), MUSF will have to ensure that year-round membership for MUSF in the document remains intact.

MUSSC cannot emphasize enough that MUSF, by keeping informed and voting, has enormous power—even in anonymity. No MUSF member has to put a name out there for the employer to make note of. Further, the data provided by the GMUFA indicates that MUSF teach 50% or more of the classes at MacEwan University. In other words, MUSF constitute a significant part of the labour force at MacEwan University and thus only have to keep informed and to vote to exercise enormous clout.

Data on Sessional Faculty

Survey questions on MUSF are currently being worked on by MUSSC and the GMUFA. As MUSSC pointed out in the last bulletin, more data on MUSF would be useful for the GMUFA, as well as for those negotiating in the next Faculty Association Negotiating Committee (FANC), which will most likely be formed this fall. Thus, MUSSC would like to thank those who have already sent along suggestions, and, once again, to encourage any other MUSF to send survey questions either to MUSSC or directly to the GMUFA for consideration.

Information on MUSSC for New MUSF

Throughout the year, new members join the ranks of MUSF. We want them to know that MUSSC is an informal group, independent of the GMUFA. Formed just over a year ago in April 2017 to give a voice to MUSF, MUSSC can be reached online at or by email at MUSSC’s mission, activities, accomplishments, etc., may also be reviewed on its website. Please never hesitate to reach out if you think MUSSC can help with anything.

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